Monday, 5 September 2016

Most Anticipated Releases: September 2016

OMG guys!! There are so many good books coming out this month!!! My original list was way longer than this one but I had to shorten it... If you click on the cover of the book it will bring you right to the goodreads page so you can add it to your tbr list :) Some other books that didn't make it to this list are: Crooked Kingdom - Leigh Bardugo (I haven't read Six of Crows yet so I couldn't officially add this one to my list :)) Frost Like Night - Sarah Raasch (again I haven't read the previous books yet so I felt like I wasn't allowed to be excited about it :)) Kingdom of Ash and Briers - Hannah West  and of course a lot more!!

Empire of Storms – Sarah J. Maas
Expected publication: September 6th 2016

OMG we’re so close to the release date!! I can honestly say that this book is without a doubt my most anticipated book of 2016!! We’ve waited a whole year for its release and I can’t believe it’s finally happening!! Ahhh I’m sooo excited!!! I need that book like right now!! But let’s be real here, we’re probably all going to die when we’ve finished reading it…. I’m Sarah J. Maas herself said we were all going to hate her… now I’m scared… :) 

The Fever Code – James Dashner
Expected publication: September 27th 2016

Okay I loved the Maze Runner trilogy so naturally I’m super excited about the Fever Code!! We will finally find out how it all happened!! The creation of the maze and the origins of W.I.C.K.E.D. !! And of course seeing all those amazing characters again (Newt and Minho :) )!! I can’t wait to get my hands on this book!! :)

Three Dark Crowns – Kendare Blake
Expected publication: September 20th 2016

I came across this book when I was just browsing a bit on Goodreads and the title immediately interested me!! Not to mention the cover!! That really caught my eye!! And the synopsis is so intriguing!! I’m really excited to read this book!! It’s about three (triplet) queens who have to fight each other for the crown because they each have equal claim as an heir. It sounds really interesting and I am curious to see where the story will go! :)

Bright Smoke, Cold Fire – Rosamund Hodge
Expected publication: September 27th 2016

This is a Romeo and Juliet retelling with necromancers!! I mean isn’t that enough reason to be excited for this book!! I’ve never read any of Rosamund Hodge’s books before but I’ve heard only great things about them!! Maybe it’s time for me to read one of her books as well!! Maybe this one? :)

A Shadow Bright and Burning – Jessica Cluess
Expected publication: September 20th 2016

It’s actually the cover that caught my eye, I mean look at it, it’s gorgeous!!! And the story itself sounds really interesting as well! The protagonist is a sorcerer and she can burst into flames!! How cool is that!! Other than that I don’t really know anything about it but I still really want to read it soon!! So I need to start saving some money :)

The Reader – Traci Chee
Expected publication: September 13th 2016

I came across this book a while ago and I was instantly intrigued!! I’ve been anticipating it ever since!! Because look at the title and the cover!! That alone is enough reason to buy it right away!! They story sounds super interesting as well and I cannot wait to get it and read it!! It’s not even released yet and it has already gotten insanely good reviews!! So I’m super excited for this book!!